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Facts about anencephaly: 


Frequently Asked Questions about anencephaly

What is a neural tube defect?

Prevention of neural tube defects

Ultrasoundpictures of infants with anencephaly

Research about anencephaly

Pamphlet about anencephaly


* PONTI Study (Prevention Of Neural Tube defects by Inositol)

If you have had a pregnancy affected by a neural tube defect and planning another pregnancy, you might want to know about an important research project that aims to prevent neural tube defects with a vitamin treatment. UK only.



* The Duke Center for Human Genetics is currently conducting a genetic study called "The Hereditary Basis of Neural Tube Defects" to determine the causes of anencephaly and other NTDs. By studying families with anencephaly and other NTDs, they hope to identify the genes that contribute to the development of the neural tube. They hope this research will eventually lead to more accurate genetic counseling and risk assessment, improved treatments, better prevention methods, and possibly, a cure. 

More information and how to participate: 









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