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Pictures of babies with anencephaly

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Anouk Jaquier, baby with anencephaly Anouk Jaquier, baby with anencephaly Anna, baby with anencephaly Anna, baby with anencephaly Amanda Fisher, baby with anencephaly Joyann, baby with anencephaly
Anouk Anouk Anna Anna Amanda Marie Joyann
Matthew, twin with anencephaly Matthew's family Matthew's hands Pedro Jose, baby with anencephaly Luke Daniel, baby with anencephaly Luke Daniel, baby with anencephaly
Matthew and Emily Matthew's family Matthew's hands Pedro José Luke Daniel Luke Daniel
Faith, twin with anencephaly Faith with her parents Faith, baby with anencephaly big sister Maggie meets Faith and Sarah Daddy with Faith and Sarah Maryann1.jpg (19338 octets)
Faith and Sarah Faith's family Faith Maggie meets Sarah Faith and Sarah Maryann
HopeMarieCarpenter.jpg (13664 octets) HopeMCarpenter3.jpg (15854 octets) HopeMCarpenter4.jpg (16055 octets) JennaGrace5small.jpg (19551 octets) JennaGrace1small.jpg (20364 octets) JennaGracefamily.jpg (18483 octets)
Hope Marie Hope Marie Hope Marie Jenna Grace Jenna Grace Jenna Grace
malachi1.jpg (32207 octets) malachi2.jpg (31742 octets) Joey_Deiss1.jpg (12121 octets) Joey_Deiss2_2.jpg (22928 octets) Joey_Deiss3_2.jpg (21091 octets) Joey_Deiss4_2.jpg (18138 octets)
Malachi Samuel Malachi Samuel Joseph Jerome Joseph Jerome Joseph Jerome Joseph Jerome
Zakary1_2.jpg (19740 octets) Zakary2_2.jpg (16660 octets) KyleBenjaminRoyer1.jpg (153740 octets) KyleBenjaminRoyer2.jpg (124372 octets) KyleBenjaminRoyer3.jpg (139055 octets) KyleBenjaminRoyer.jpg (163269 octets)
Zakary Evan Zakary Evan Kyle Benjamin * Kyle Benjamin * Kyle Benjamin * Kyle Benjamin *
MichaelDavid1.jpg (34852 octets) MichaelDavid5.jpg (35731 octets) MichaelDavid4.jpg (51902 octets) MichaelDavid2.jpg (63266 octets) MichaelDavid8_small.jpg (15109 octets) AvaGrace_small.jpg (28315 octets)
Michael David Michael David Michael David Michael David Michael David Ava Grace
Isabel Eve.jpg (38352 octets) Isabel Eve3.jpg (29721 octets) Isabel Eve4.jpg (30185 octets) Julie_with_mom_small.jpg (25042 octets) Julies_hand_small.jpg (34657 octets) Julie1_small.jpg (18914 octets)
Isabel Eve Isabel Eve Isabel Eve Julie Julie Julie
McCoy1_small.jpg (26932 octets) McCoy2_small.jpg (26937 octets) McCoy4.jpg (21106 octets) McCoy5.jpg (41689 octets) Jaden_Thien_small.jpg (31034 octets) Sarah_Adams13_small.jpg (23475 octets)
McCoy McCoy McCoy McCoy Jaden Thien Sarah
Sarah_Adams3_small.jpg (17747 octets) Sarah_Adams5_small.jpg (12866 octets) Gracie_Lynn3_small.jpg (15009 octets) GabrielJohn.jpg (19399 octets) GabrielJohn1.gif (37071 octets)  
Sarah Sarah Gracie Lynn Gabriel John Gabriel John  

If you are expecting a baby with anencephaly, it might be important for you to see pictures of the uncovered head of babies with anencephaly. We have a private page where you can see some of those pictures, lovingly taken by their parents. These pictures are for parents only! Please e-mail us in a few words why you want to see those pictures and get the keyword.

* Kyle's pictures were realized by a photographer of  "Now I lay me down to sleep" 

They gently provide a helping hand and a healing heart to parents experiencing an early infant loss. NILMDTS offers a vital service to our community. For families overcome by grief and pain, the idea of photographing their baby may not immediately occur to them. Offering gentle and beautiful photography and videography services in a compassionate and sensitive manner is the heart of this organization. The soft, gentle heirloom photographs of these beautiful babies are an important part of the healing process. They allow families to honor and cherish their babies, and share the spirits of their lives.



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