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About us


The Anencephaly Information website was founded by Monika Jaquier based on her own experience with that birth defect. Pregnant with her 4th child, she learned that her baby Anouk had anencephaly and would die shortly after birth. Some months after her daughter's death, on November 30th 2000, Anencephaly Information was first published on the web.

Professionally, Mrs. Jaquier was a laboratory assistant working in the fields of fundamental research in biology and organic agriculture.

She is now taking care of her husband, 3 children, house and garden full time.

Monika and her family are living in Switzerland.

But the Anencephaly Information pages are more than just the work of one single mother. They are the fruit of many affected families, willing to share their experience with their special baby to help others.

Anencephaly Information's mission is to provide support and information for families dealing with the diagnosis of anencephaly.

We are convinced that carrying to term a baby after a diagnosis of anencephaly is good, for the baby and the family, and by sharing our personal experiences, stories, pictures and information we gathered, we want to encourage parents to do so.


Contact information of the responsible of this site:

Monika Jaquier
Route du Vernay 32
1677 Prez-vers-Siviriez


Last updated June 10, 2009