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Stories of the lives of infants with anencephaly:

"Hope is not the expectation that things will turn out well,
but the conviction that something is worth working for,
however it turns out."

Vaclav Havel

As anencephaly is usually detected during a pre-natal scan, parents are confronted with a choice between life and death. A choice often made with very little information of what is in store for them. It is with this in mind that we have made the choice to share the stories of the brief, but wonderful lives of babies with anencephaly. We hope that it will be of help to you and impart courage.

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Jon and Jenni are the parents of Chase who had anencephaly. On their blog, Jon shares a few journal entries he wrote during the pregnancy after after Chase's birth and death. Their wish is that others may be comforted with the comfort they received.

We are very grateful that they allowed us to publish their inspiring and helpful texts.


If you have carried a baby with anencephaly to term and want to share your story with us, just e-mail me, I would be more than happy to add a page for your baby.

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