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Gracie Lynn's birth plan


Mother: Mary Jane
Father: Christopher

Gracie Lynn is due in May 2006. My family and I have known since December 2005 of her diagnoses of Anencephaly. Knowing our time will be short, it is important to us that as many of our needs be met as possible. Dr. M.P. will be delivering us. We have chosen vaginal delivery unless a medical need causes for us to go with the C-Section. We have chosen for Joy, a friend, to take pictures through out the whole process of labor, delivery and family times. I also want for my husband (Christopher), my daughter (Katlyn), my mom (L.)(also the support person for my daughter), my mother-in-law (O.), and my sister (C.) to be present during my labor and vaginal delivery (or as many as possible during the C-Section).

I would like to have an epidural and an episiotomy (don't want to know when you do the EPI) when it is time to receive one, but no sedatives during the labor and delivery. Afterwards would be okay if needed. If nausea becomes a problem, please give me Zofran.

We want the usual suctioning, etc. and we would like efforts made to help initiate her breathing only including temporary ventilation with the ambu bag or to be given supplemental oxygen if needed.

Also we would like for you to put ointment in her eyes, if she is born alive.

We want to hold her as soon as possible.

We would like for us to do the drying off, bathing, diapering and clothing her.

We DO NOT want any chest compressions, intubations or IV's done on Gracie Lynn or ever taken out of the room from us except in time for her ORGAN DONATION time and returned back to us as soon as possible, dressed as she left.

We have a designated person to hand us her cap, clothing and blankets as needed (C.).

We want to use our own stuff for everything possible, including the blanket we will put her in as soon as she is born.

My husband (Christopher) will be the one to cut her Umbilical Cord when it is time to do so.

If Gracie Lynn is born with any openings in her head, we would like to see it then for you to prepare Vaseline gauze, then an outer layer of gauze or whatever works best for her.

We would like for the staff to keep all our family and friends out in the waiting room, updated on all information (on Gracie Lynn and Myself).

We will bring with us the CORD BLOOD COLLECTION KIT we have been provided with as well as the instructions for it. My sister (C.) will be in charge of keeping up with the box once we are at the hospital.

Also, please remember that Gracie Lynn IS an ORGAN DONOR for the heart and liver. Please be sure to call the appropriate people to set this up when I come for delivery. I have already been in contact with them and know that someone is to call them when I go into delivery.

In case of a C-Section, I would like to remain awake with only an epidural, please note that I would like for Gracie Lynn be with the above mention people to be held while I am being attended to. I would like to see her before she is taken away to them to see her little face and give her a kiss.

If she is to die after delivery, I would want her to die in someone who loves her arms.

Either way, Vaginal or C-Section we will like to keep her with us as long as possible since our time with her is limited. We will notify you when we are ready for you to notify the funeral home.

If Gracie Lynn is still alive, we ask that when it is time for visitors, they not be limited if possible. We want everyone to have the chance to Gracie Lynn alive if the situation allows. We do ask that any necessary procedures be done in our arms.

If our time with her allows, I would like to breastfeed Gracie Lynn. If she lives long enough to require nutrition, but unable to take my breast or bottle with my breast milk, we do want a feeding tube inserted with my breast milk.

I want to keep her in our room until we are ready for her to leave. We do not want her taken to the Nursery for any reason.

If the time comes that I am getting discharged and Gracie Lynn is still alive, I would like for her to be taken home with us. We request assistance in involving Hospice for Gracie Lynn and home oxygen if necessary.

If she is still born or dies while in delivery room, I would like to be put in a room away from other mothers and newborns if possible. I also would like for our door be marked so others will know of our loss/impending loss without surprise.

We welcome the open expression of emotions from staff and family. As we have been grieving for several months for our daughter, please do not place expectations on how we should handle this birth. Advice is welcomed and our answers taken as our final word.

We thank you for sharing in this experience with us, supporting us and helping us to make as many memories as possible while in you care.

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