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Support Group


We do have a support group on facebook.
The goal of the anencephaly.info group is to give parents who are carrying a baby with anencephaly to term (or have done so in the past) a safe place to share what they want to about their baby and their journey and to get support during that difficult time.

We want to show that while the life expectance of our babies is brief, they do have a life. A life precious and valuable, worth to be protected and cherished. A "Life compatible with love".

No matter the decision you make in regards to the pregnancy, the pain is deep. However, the needs of parents who choose to continue their pregnancy and those who choose to induce early are not exactly the same. The philosophies and convictions of others can hurt grieving parents, even when they are not intended to spark disagreement.
This is why the group is only for parents who are carrying to term or have done so in the past.
It's not about judging or excluding the others. Rather about giving the best support for a very specific group.

If you want to join the anencephaly.info group, please note that you'll have to answer 3 questions that will pop up when you click on the "join" button.

Only people who answer the 3 questions will be added to the group.



Last updated March 3, 2022