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Faith Elizabeth


Faith Elizabeth, baby with anencephaly

Faith Elizabeth has been a blessing from the beginning. She was always wanted and always loved.
Back in April 2010, we started going back to church at CLF. we were given a word that "because we have turned our hearts to the Lord, we will be rewarded"

A couple of days later, we found out that I was pregnant and that was just what we were hoping and praying for.

On July 30th at our routine ultrasound, we found out that Faith had anencephaly and that she would not live. One of the options we were given was to have and abortion.

We chose life.

We knew that even two minutes of life with our baby was better than none at all. And to meet her would be something that we would never regret.

Also, God reminded us that "I told you I would give you a gift, and you do not throw away a gift". The decision to carry Faith to term was bittersweet. Every kick and hiccup was so precious. it was difficult at times but God was with us always.

We decided to name her Faith Elizabeth Frey. She shares her middle name with her big sister Julianna. A bond they can share.

Faith Elizabeth, baby with anencephaly

My pregnancy began a journey that many took interest in. We were prayed for by many more during these months.

We started a group on Facebook called "pray for Faith Elizabeth" it started as a way to keep our friends and family informed, and it grew into so much more. People we didnít know started joining the group giving us support and prayer, saying that they were inspired by us. Dan and I realized that Faith Elizabeth was becoming a blessing to others as well.

Faith's due date came near and we knew in our hearts that she was meant to be shared. We welcomed all to the hospital for her birth.

On Monday December 27, 2010 at 7:57 am Faith Elizabeth was born. While I still hoped for a miracle, God had been preparing us for her passing. She was born alive, she was not healed but she was still very much a miracle, and she was beautiful.

6lbs 15oz and a beautiful face...

Faith Elizabeth, baby with anencephaly

Just as planned, we had many visitors that day. Our friends and family had the chance to see her, hold her, and love her. She only knew love her entire life.

She did more than expected, she cooed, she cried, and she was responsive. Her soul spoke to all of us.

Her big sister held her and kissed her. It was wonderful to see our girls together.

Faith Elizabeth passed away early Tuesday morning. It was a peaceful and sacred time. We kissed her precious lips, dressed her in her pretty clothes, and said goodbye.

Faith was alive inside me for nine months, and she was alive in this world for 18 1/2 hours, every minute blessed as we were watched over by God.

Faith Elizabeth, baby with anencephaly

On the day that Faith was alive, Dan explained to Julianna that Faith would soon be in Heaven with God. Julianna answered with 'Daddy she is already with God" and it was as simple as that. Faith was God's the entire time and now she is resting with Him for eternity.

We may never know why God needed to take Faith back to heaven with him; but she has fulfilled her purpose here. She has changed our lives and brought us closer to God.
Many were praying for a miraculous healing the past few months but God had a different and better plan for her. I hope no one is disappointed, she is a miracle.
It was a miracle that she lived as long as she did. It is a miracle that in only 18 1/2 hours, she changed so many lives. She left her mark on this world. She is loved and we miss her.

Faith has been and always will be a precious member of our family. She is our daughter, she is a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece, and a cousin. But most of all she is God's girl, a member of our eternal family; and we will see her again.


Faith Elizabeth, baby with anencephaly






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