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Grayson Abbott


Grayson, baby with anencephaly

July 27, 2008

At 14 weeks of pregnancy we found out through a routine ultrasound that we finally had a boy on the way. Also in that ultrasound we discovered that he had a neutral tube defect, anencephaly. Grayson had no chance to live once he was born.

We weren't even sure how far my body would carry him. But to abort him was not an option. He was our baby and we would never hurt someone so innocent.

We prayed for healing and so did hundreds, maybe thousands, across the United States. Chris and I felt those prayers as people cried out to God for Grayson's life and our pain.

My heart was broken to know if there was no healing then we would have a birth and death in the same day.

Grayson, baby with anencephaly

Through out the pregnancy God gave me joy about Grayson. He grew and kicked and had hiccups just like my girls. We had hope that everything would be okay. The Lord gave us peace and carried us through the storm of our lives.

On Saturday, July 26, my labor started at about 4 in the afternoon. I stayed home to wait things out for a while. Sunday morning I went to church one more time to pray for a healing that had not come. I was 38 weeks pregnant. I cried in the bathroom at church after praise and worship; I knew this was the day.

That morning I had a dream of a rainbow across the street from where I live, I saw Jesus standing beside this huge rainbow with his arms open. The rainbow appeared after a tornado came in my house and hovered over a baby that was on my couch. I knew this meant the storm was almost gone but I had God's promise: Grayson and our family was not alone, Jesus was with us comforting my heart the entire 9 months.

After church, I went to the hospital and after a long day we did c-section. Grayson could not tolerate the pushing phase, his heart rate would continue to drop with each push. The section would give him a chance to be born alive.

At 9:55 that night Grayson was born. He let out a somewhat cry. He was beautiful. Sweet. Tiny 4lbs.6oz. and 16 inches long.

His daddy held him and rocked him. We loved Grayson and held him the whole time he was breathing and that his heart beat. Family members held him and said everything that would ever say in a lifetime in just a few minutes while they passed him around the room. The atmosphere in the room was bittersweet and peaceful. Quiet. The nurse gave him a bath and dressed him. I told him he could go to heaven and be with Jesus.

Grayson, baby with anencephaly

When you love someone so much, sometimes you have to let them go where they can receive the healing we so desperately prayed for and wanted him to have.

Grayson lived for 2 hours and then, peacefully in our arms, he slipped away into the arms of the one who died for his salvation and healing and who paid the price for his eternity in Heaven.

We took pictures of that night and at the funeral home when I left the hospital. A sweet friend of ours who gave her gift of photography to us put this DVD together.

To everyone who prayed, called, sent cards, cried or just simply thought of us during the loss of our baby boy, thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts.

Grayson, baby with anencephaly

I will see you again someday, Grayson, when the Lord calls me home. Until that day comes, mommy loves you.

Sweet dreams, good night.




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