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Michael Andrew


October 1, 1976

When I was pregnant 26 years ago, things were very different... I can remember all of it like it was yesterday...

I had the feeling that there was something wrong during my pregnancy, as it was my second and I did have something to compare. There were no routine ultrasounds then, so I carried my son oblivious to what was to come (the only thing I had to go on was my gut).

My doctor was a wonderful a caring, and he did tell me, after I deliver, that he did suspect anencephaly but did not see any reason to worry me or my husband. During my pregnancy, a doctor that was in practice with the doctor that I loved suspected twins, because I was hug (had enormous amount of amniotic fluid).

I delivered October 1, 1976, 16 days before my original due date. It was a very easy, natural delivery, but what devastating news my husband and I received...

Our son Michael Andrew was 4½ lb. and lived for 4 hours.

I asked to see my son, but the doctor advised us not to. He told us that he thought it best for us to remember him as being a perfect angel... That is one decision we have always regretted. Not to hold and comfort him for the short time he was with us...

After Michael Andrew, Amy and her husband have been blessed with two healthy kids.



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