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Rose Dale Curtis


November 20, 1957

My Wife and I had a child with anencephaly. This was in 1957 before ultrasound was available. We did not have any idea that our baby had a deformity until her birth. I saw our baby but my wife did not.

Our baby did survive her birth and lived for about six hours. We named her Rose Dale Curtis. Rose Dale was born on Wednesday, November 20, 1957 at approximately 1:00 pm and died the same day at about 7:00 pm. We had a local funeral home to serve us during this time. Her funeral was held the next day on November 21, 1957. The pastor of our church conducted a graveside service which was attended by myself, my Mom and Dad and members of my immediate family. Rose Dale's mother was still in the hospital at this time and was not able to attend. Rose Dale was buried in the Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina. Quite a number of her relatives are buried there also.

This was a very hard time for my wife and I. As I mentioned, this was in the days before ultrasound and we did not have any idea that there was a problem until her birth. We thought it was best if my wife did not see the baby because of the great deformity, but now as I think back maybe we should have let her see the baby. This was not done to deprive her of seeing her baby but we just thought it was best for her.

Yesterday was her forty eight birthday and today is the anniversary of her funeral. A long time ago and such a short time also. I know she is with Jesus and some day I will see her in her perfect new body. I am thankful that God saw fit to take her home to heaven rather than her to have to struggle to live in the state she was in. I have my grave plot reserved next to her grave and someday I will be put there beside her.

Rose Dale was our first child. My wife and I went on to have six other children, four boys and two girls and all are healthy and well. They are all grown and have families of their own. They are a great bunch of children, but Rose Dale was my first.

Thanks for giving me this chance to tell you about my kids, I love them.

Ray Curtis



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