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Samuel's saga


We prayed and prayed for your arrival to be miraculous,
but God in His Divine Knowledge turned our prayers for you into prayers for ourselves;
because God knew He did not need to heal Samuel, He sent Samuel to heal us!!!

Samuel David has opened the doors of our lives to God
by strengthening our faith, deepening our love, and opening our hearts.

He gave us the desire to lay down our lives for others,
just as Jesus laid His life down for us.
He showed us that a mother weeping over her child is just as Mary wept for hers.
He reminded us that the holding of a little hand around our finger
is just how Jesus wants to hold us.
He enlightened our ears to the sound of a crying child is the beautiful sound of life.
He illustrated to us the smile on a face is how we should treat others,
and the blink of a baby's eye is how we should look out upon the world.
And an infant's dependency on his parents should reflect our total dependency on God.

It is by Samuel's life and death, God reminds all of us how precious one little life can be,
even if it is only for a few days, all of life is precious to God.

These are just a few of the beautiful lessons Samuel has taught us,
and yet we never know how much we can learn from a child,
because God comes in many different shapes and sizes.

So maybe after all of this, our miracle did occur, because we are always praying,
"God if only I could see you, touch you, or kiss your face, I would have greater faith."
We did see, touch, and kiss the face of God when we were given Samuel.


Written by Samuel's aunt



Last updated May, 2019