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Stephanie Ann


June 2011

This is for Stephanie

I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you or hold you when you were born. In 1970 things were much different. Dr's just wanted you to forget about the life you just lost.

I didn't even know that what you had had a name until yesterday 6-26-2011.
All I was told was that your head didn't develope like it should.
This experience has been just like I have lost you all over again.

I never got to grieve for you as I developed a massive blood clot, had surgery & was in the hospital for several weeks.

I never knew until the day you were born that anything was wrong. That day I had been having problems with you moving up into my stomach when I ate making it difficult to do so. I had a Dr's appointment and they wanted to do x-Rays. When the results came back is the day I had you and that is when I found out that you weren't going to live after you were born. I remember wishing I could just keep you inside me so you could live. But that wasn't possible.

This is 40 years late but at least I know what happened.


Stephanie's grave marker

After finding out what happened to Stephanie I had to be sure she had a marker for her grave. I had wanted to do that ever since she was born but something always got in the way. We found a very nice man that helped us get everything we wanted on it. I got the Marker Nov 8th & placed it on Nov 10th. Friends of mine that were there when she was born went with me & we took pictures & it was a beautiful day.

It is still hard for me to believe they treated a human being the was they did back then. I'm so glad that people now are able to hold there baby & have a memorial service for them. I feel cheated out of that but I am so glad that I was able to have her marker put on her grave.

Rest in peace my sweet angel, momma loves you.


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