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Tyler Damon Harrison


Born 11:50pm 9th March 2001
Died 8:26am 10th March 2001

I was 16 when I found out I was expecting little Tyler and I was petrified. I plucked up the courage to go to the doctors when I couldn't hide it anymore. It was picked it up on a scan I had at 18 weeks after a small bleed.

I was offered an abortion. I chose to give him a chance and was induced by request at 34 weeks.

He was born by c-section and I had an epidural so I could watch. He lived eight hours. He was beautiful.

The midwife, the doctor, the consultant... they warned me of how he would look and showed me photos of other sick babies, but I wasn't afraid to look at him. He cried, even though they said he had no neural function at all. He hardly moved though.

He died in my arms and I didn't cry much. I wasn't even shocked, I was waiting and to be able to take such joy in his short life made it seem less pointless. We had him baptised a short while before he died. We buried him on April 5th 2001 and I visit his little grave most weeks. It helps forge a link between my son and me.

Tyler's little sister Willow was born on Sunday 18th April 2004 and she's perfectly healthy and beautiful.




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