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My daughter had a baby with anencephaly


How shall I explain Malachi's passing. Many questions arise which will not be explained. However his short life was here, had a tremendous impact on our lives. This is how I saw him and his impact on us.

One night I saw myself standing at a lake's edge. This particular night was different than others everything was full of life as if the sky, the moon, and trees and everything wanted to speak and tell their story. As I looked out over this big lake the water was so still not even a ripple could be seen. Mirror reflections of the moon and stars were bouncing off the surface of the water with a glorious splendor. A gentle breeze was blowing the willow trees that surrounded the lake but still the water remained calm. The grass was soft spread like carpet all around the lake even to the water's edge it came. That is why I said this night was most unusual from any other night. As I looked up I could see the beautiful light of the moon and stars in the sky. Suddenly I began to see shooting stars race across the sky.

At first I saw one and then another until I lost count there was so many. But then I felt a presence standing on my right side. I turned my head to see and there beside stood a man. His presence brought peace and comfort. As I looked into his eyes I could see the love and wisdom of ages. The he spoke to me and said he's coming. Who is coming I asked. Again he repeated he is coming. He repeated this nine times. The he said look up so you don't miss him. I turned and looked to the sky and again saw these brilliant shooting stars, which made the whole sky light up with their presence. Then they all stopped. The man beside me then spoke up and said it was time, here he comes. Still wanting to know who's coming I shouted who are you talking about. With a glimmer in his eye and a smile he said Malachi. Stunned by his words I quickly look upward again. I saw this big shooting star shining brighter than all the others coming toward the lake. As it got closer to the lake's mirror surface it gave light to the whole lake. Then hit the surface of the lake, sending ripples throughout the entire lake. Then it bounced off the surface and ascended back to the sky, which opened up and received it back as it had came.

All the wonders I had seen and I still couldn't understand. So I turned to the man and I asked please explain to me what I have seen. He replied very well. Do you remember when I kept saying he's coming until I said it nine times over? I replied yes. Well those were the nine months he spent in the womb safe and secure in the Lord's secret place. After this he came and this is where you saw him. Did you notice that all the other stars just shot across the sky but never touched the ground? I replied yes. He told me that those stars were babies who never even got a chance to enter into this world. But the father has all of them in his care. The light you saw that made the lake light up so bright represents the light of joy he gave you while he was with you. Did you see all the ripples in the lake when he touched the surface? Yes I replied. Those ripples that went from him represent the effects he had on the lives of those around him with the short time he was here. The he bounced back to the father who was waiting for him. As I looked up one last time hoping to catch another glimpse he was gone. I now understand some things. Which is, that sometimes, a shot time will last a lifetime. The Lord loves shooting star and has not forgotten your pain so this he has sent to say one day you shall see your shooting star again.

Malachi Samuel Marlin
Born: October 10, 2005
In the Father's care: October 12, 2005

Malachi's grandfather



Last updated May 3, 2019