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Ultrasound pictures of anencephaly


Ultrasound pictures of the first trimester:

coronal section anencephaly 10 weeks
Coronal section through the fetal head of a 10 week fetus with anencephaly. Note the resemblance of the image with "Mickey Mouse".

sagital section anencephaly at 10 weeks
Sagital section of a 10 week embryo showing absence of the cranial vault.


Ultrasound pictures of the second trimester:

anencephaly, sagital section 2nd trimester
Sagital section of a second trimester fetus depicting the typical absence of the cranial vault above the orbits, characteristic of anencephaly.

The face of an anencephalic baby.
The face of a baby with anencephaly.


3D ultrasound pictures

Faith Elizabeth, baby with anencephaly 3D ultrasound at 8 months
3D ultrasound at 8 months of Faith Elizabeth who has anencephaly



Last updated May 4, 2019